Leverage Your Email Marketing for better sales results.

If you nurture the relationships with customers you already have with email campaigns, it will benefit you in the end.

Once you’ve closed the deal with a customer, do you just move on to the next customer because you think the sales cycle is over? What about the opportunity for repeat sales, cross-selling and upselling? If you nurture the relationships with customers you already have, it will benefit you in the end. Why is it businesses spend 80% of their marketing dollars going after new customers rather than nurturing, retaining and maintaining the customers they already have?

One tool you have to help you stay in touch with your current customers is your email marketing program. In HubSpot’s free guide on How to Optimize Email Marketing for Conversions, you’ll learn how to increase engagement with your customers and increase ROI from email marketing. If you need a little help to get started, below are three tips to help you use email marketing to re-engage your current customers.

  1. Convince Customers to Stay Tuned with Thank You and Confirmation Emails – Once a client makes a purchase from you, you could leverage your Thank You and Confirmation emails to keep them engaged. So, in addition to order details and email opt-in confirmation, include an exclusive offer to one of your promotions or a link to a promotion on your social media profiles or offer a complimentary product or service your customer may like. What ever the offer is, the point is to keep them engaged by adding value, not by giving them a hard sale.
  2. Send a Product/Service Feedback Email – Leverage the power of email by following up with your customers to see how their purchase is working for them or to see if the level of service your company provided was excellent. This will make then feel like valued customers and the feedback you get will be valuable for you.
  3. Send Current Customers Exclusive Deals – Your current customers should be rewarded for their loyalty and they may be more willing to make other purchases if you send them exclusive deals. One of the reasons people subscribe to email is for exclusivity and the chance to get deals no one else has access to. Send them deals and coupons for additional purchases or send them a first look to a new product or service before anyone else gets a chance to see it. You can ask them for their feedback as well.

You’re goal should be to create lifelong, loyal customers that keep on purchasing from you because they trust you. This relationship will take a little while to blossom, so you have to be persistent with your email campaigns but not bothersome. Give your clients value, not just a sales pitch and you’ll be surprised how many referrals you get from happy customers.

If you think it’s time for your company to launch a memorable email campaign, get in touch with Hadfield Communications at www.hadfield.net. We’ll be glad to analyze your current email efforts and give you feed back on how to improve on what you already have.