More people are looking at ads on their mobile devices and responding to personalized email campaigns on their smart phones and the trend is rising. But in order to be successful with your mobile marketing, you must avoid certain pitfalls to ensure that your campaigns achieve their goal.

Text Marketer has come up with a very useful infographic on the Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing. The infographic shows how 75% of people prefer to receive offers over any other form of call-to-action. And one of the deadly sins is to forget to put a call to action. You must include a reply option, an address or Website to visit or a phone number to call so the customer knows what to do next after they read your offer. Another deadly sin when you send out a SMS message is to forget to test and check it for errors in the haste of sending it out. But never send out any message before you check the text, contact details, Web addresses, spelling, grammar and phone numbers. Check out the rest of the deadly sins on the infographic below and use it as a checklist before deploying your next message.

Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing

With global mobile advertising revenues expanding by three and a half times its present level by 2016 (Source: Yankee Group), it is imperative that your mobile marketing efforts are on point. As the infographic shows, with mobile, you can segment your customers into categories so you can closely target your message to what people really want. Once you find your target and you deliver relevant information or offers specifically designed for them, your campaigns will be much more successful.

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