If your Website and its key functions are not accessible from smartphones, you need to include this in your strategy as soon as possible. There is a 103% growth in traffic from smartphones to ecommerce sites over the past year and the trend continues to accelerate.

The following infographic from Monetate shows the data also calling attention to the fight for supremacy between Androids and iPhones, both of which represent the biggest growth in traffic to ecommerce sites. But, even though Androids have the biggest global smartphone market share, iPhone’s garner a larger slice of total online shopping for smartphones.

The graphic also analyzes the various shopping activities of smartphone users besides making a purchase such as sharing product photos and searching for the nearest location of a store as well as the mobile marketing tactics being used currently by marketers with Website mobile optimization topping the list at 46% followed by mobile apps at 45% and mobile email optimization at 35%.

The battle for smartphone supremacy
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Are you leveraging mobile marketing for your ecommerce business? If not, it’s time you got started on optimizing your Website for mobile devices. You will surely notice an increase in traffic from smartphones once you do.

If you think it’s time for your company to optimize its Website for smartphone accessibility, get in touch with Hadfield Communications at www.hadfield.net. We’ll be glad to analyze your current mobile phone optimization efforts and give you feed back on how to improve on what you already have.