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What Should a Business Tweet About?

Twitter for Business says if you aren’t using Twitter for your business, you are missing out. Twitter can help you increase brand awareness, connect with customers, increase customer loyalty, increase sales and much more.

On the Ebook Twitter for Business by Shawna Fennell, there are some great tips and resources for businesses that are just starting out. The Ebook walks you through the steps of setting up a Twitter account to customizing your background and setting up some of your preferences. The author goes into detail about what businesses should Tweet about and strategies that have worked for her. If you aren’t really sure what to Tweet about, here are 5 of her top Tweet tips. Be sure to download her Ebook to get the complete list.

1. Link To Blogs - Follow some blogs that you are interested in via an RSS feed to a feed reader such as Google. Start by posting links to interesting posts that you like. If you found it interesting, you can bet other people will like it as well.

2. Quotes – Post inspirational quotes that may help someone or brighten their day. Personal development quotes and quotes by famous people are great. Quotes are frequently retweeted and will help you get more followers. You can find some good quotes at

3. Coupons – Don’t just be a sales person on Twitter. People don’t want to be sold to, they want engagement, value and a social experience. You can post links to your products or sites, but keep them to a minimum (maybe 5% of your Tweets). In fact, use TwtQpon to help you create coupons for Twitter.

4. Ask Questions - Start conversations by asking simple questions. Ask anything from what they want to accomplish today to what the best tip they have in the market you are in. Also ask them what they think of a new product or service or ask fun questions about their animals, kids, or life as a conversation starter. Get creative and make it fun.

5. Hold Contests - You can gain lots of new followers and customers by holding contests. TwiveAway can help you organize your contest and make sure people are following the rules of your Giveaway to be entered.

The purpose of Tweeting for your business is to remind your customers that you are here and open a dialogue with them so they can get to know you and your brand better. Once people trust you and you give them information that’s useful to them, they will follow you and you will see your list of followers grow. But always remember, Tweeting, like any other social media outlet, takes time and effort in order for you to be successful at it and see results.

If you think it’s time for your company to get started with a Social Media presence, get in touch with Hadfield Communications at We’ll be glad to analyze your current efforts and give you feed back on how to make your Social Media work for you.

How to Find People to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is very useful to share thoughts, ask questions, get the news and discover helpful links and information. If you are a new user, finding new people to follow can be difficult. There are a number of ways you can find people on Twitter that have your same likes, hobbies and interests. The possibilities are endless when you’re trying to connect with people.


If you want your efforts to pay off on Twitter, it is crucial you follow relevant people that interest you. Thankfully there are a number of ways to find people on Twitter. Here are a few suggestions that can help you get started.


Directories is one way to go.

Sites like Twellow, WeFollow and Just Tweet It let you search people by location, topic, top tags and other interests. Finding the right people shouldn’t be too difficult. By doing a few directory searches based on your criteria, you should find like-minded people to follow in no time.


Twitter Directory

Directories are a helpful way to find people with the same interests as you.

Lists are useful to find people with similar interests.

Listorious is a search engine for Twitter lists. You can find anyone by topic, region or profession. If you’re looking for a certain type of person to follow, like people interested in art, just type in the criteria and you’ll get a list of people interested in the same thing. Another source for lists is Twibes, which helps you find people with similar interests by matching keywords of things people Tweet. Once a word is matched, Twibes compiles the list.


List to find people on Twitter to follow.

Twibes helps with finding lists of people by matching them with key words.

Engage with people.

Another great way to gain find people to follow and to find followers on Twitter is to engage with people. You should follow others whose Tweets are interesting or meaningful to you and be an active contributor to the Twitter community by reading and posting high-quality information. As stated on Is Social Media Worth Your Time?, it takes commitment and a strategy to be on Twitter if you want to get the benefits out of it. Otherwise, Twitter can be a very lonely place.


If you think it’s time for your company to get started on Twitter, get in touch with Hadfield Communications at We’ll be glad to analyze your current efforts and give you feed back on how to make Twitter work for your company.

5 Tips for Successful Tweeting

Twitter and Social Media

Make Twitter part of your social media strategy.

The thing about Twitter is that you shouldn’t focus on how many people follow you, but focus on the people that do follow you. Give them content they want to read and retweet.

If you post an articles on your blog or Website and are looking to increase your traffic, Twitter is a great platform to do so but make sure the content you’re sending is something your followers can use.

Spamming is a big no-no though. Try to diversify your links so they create value for the user. Remember this is a 2 way conversation – create value for your followers and your followers will give you value.

Try to keep these 5 tips in mind when Tweeting: 

  • Be consistent – Don’t give up after a week. Twitter requires a fair amount of time, patience and interaction with people. Don’t just do ten tweets in one day and then go a week without any activity. Post at least three times a week with substantive materials that people in your network will be interested in.
  • Be responsive – Engage with people on a personal level to build relationships. Reply to people that comment on your posts and make direct comments to people whose posts you like. You want to build trust, loyalty and engagement.
  • Be entertaining – Provide content, not SPAM. Avoid a tone that is just marketing or selling. If every Tweet you send is about promoting your business, your followers are going to drop you, and fast.
  • Use links in your Tweets – 70% of links that are retweeted contain links. But make sure they provide quality information.
  • Integrate Twitter into your overall social media strategy. If you intend to use Twitter for anything other than personal use, link it to your other social media networks and your Website.

If you want to get more educated on this subject, there are a growing number of Websites that give advice on how to get the most out of Twitter. A good one is TwiTip, which covers such subjects as “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Twitter” and “3 Creative Tools For Power Twitter Users.”

Keep in mind that the goal is to develop a pool of followers who are really interested in what you’re saying and that look forward to your Tweets. For every comment or reply you get, there’s many others who didn’t reply because they don’t have the time to respond, but they may be listening in the conversation and may chime in once in a while.

If you think it’s time for your company to get started on Twitter, get in touch with Hadfield Communications at We’ll be glad to analyze your current efforts and give you feed back on how to make Twitter work for your company.

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