Infographics have become extremely popular but a lot of people still don’t know what they are, how they are created or why they are so important. In a nutshell, people are attracted to visuals more than text and an infographic is an interesting way to visualize data. In an age of big data, we need to both make sense of the information and be able to easily tell the story of what the information tells.

If you create a visually pleasing, informative infographic, it can do wonders for your marketing because people are drawn to those stimulating, informational visuals. But what better way to explain infographics than with an infographic, right? The infographic below by Infographic Labs will help you understand the steps required to create an infographic. It will explain what it is, why it can benefit your marketing and the basics behind creating one on your own.

But as we all know, just because you may have the right information to create an infographic or you know how to create one, it doesn’t mean yours is going to be good or effective. With so many people trying to create inforgraphics out there, there is certainly no shortage of downright awful ones bouncing around on the Web. Needless to say, information design displays the information efficiently and effectively and it encompasses many design disciplines that are better left to designers. There’s nothing better than using design to communicate a message that is both clear and universal.

An infographic should use innovation and imagination to provide clarity. It channels information in a visually pleasing, instantly communicable way, making it not only powerful, but beautiful as well.

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