Things you should not say to a designer.

Designers don’t just play with crayons all day long. Good design makes a difference in our world.

If you’ve ever met a graphic designer, you know they are very special people with a few quirks of their own. I mean, who else will eat something just because they like the packaging? Who else critiques menus at every restaurant? And yes, they read the full list of credits at the end of the movie. That’s just how they are…they can’t help it.

So if you want to know what to expect next time you meet a graphic designer, here’s a fun list of characteristics you should know about them:


They Don’t Like to Work for Free

Many times companies ask designers to do spec work to compete for the work and if they like what they see, they’ll hire one of them. For instance, they may ask three designers to do a layout or a logo, etc. and only the winner will be compensated for their work. The problem with this practice is that it doesn’t happen in any other profession. You wouldn’t ask three painters to each paint a room in your house for free just to see which one you will hire. Or, you wouldn’t ask three accountants to do your taxes and the one that gets you the most refund gets your business. See what I’m saying?


Designers are Not Magicians, They Are Designers

If you’re a designer, you’ve heard this: “I’ve been meaning to call you for weeks. The deadline is tomorrow”. Despite the notion that people think designers just play with their Crayons all day long and they push a button in the computer and an awesome design is created, the design process is just that, A PROCESS. Don’t ask a designer to turn something around in a few hours or a day. They have to think through each project, do trial and error to see what works and doesn’t and produce the piece. This takes time.


Designers Don’t Like to Hear the Following

There are countless statements graphic designers have heard from clients over the years. They make a big joke out of it because they’re always the same. Here are just a few things you should never say to a designer:

– Can you make the logo bigger?

– Can you make the font bigger?

– Can you make it pop!

– My ten year old son could have done this

– I can’t explain what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it

– Just throw something together

– Maybe my cousin who has an eye for design can help you with some ideas

– I’m not an artist, but here’s how I would do it

– Go ahead and design it, we’ll give you the content later

– Have you tried putting this there?

– Can you take part of this layout and merge it with this layout since I like both?

– Don’t use burnt orange ‘cause I’m an Aggie

– Can you put this in a collage?

– Can you give me your design in Word so I can tweak it myself?


Good design makes a difference in our world. Designers analyze data about the client, audience, demographic and other things to educate themselves and see what that audience sees to speak to them with their visual vocabulary. Always remember to give a designer as much information as possible up front so they can execute the project correctly. You will be amazed at how far a little information can go.

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