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4 Ways to Use Facebook to Attract More Customers

Are you using Facebook to its fullest potential to generate leads? Do you know what makes people follow a brand on Facebook? In the Infographic to the right, What Makes People Want to Follow a Brand? by getsatisfaction, a blog about how to succeed in social business, you can see what are the top reasons for people to follow a brand. Since there’s so many people on Facebook, you can bet your current customers are spending time there and you should be reaching them. Below are a few things you can do to convert fans into solid leads.


Set Up Specific Goals

Unless you set up specific goals, you will spend endless hours on Facebook with no results. Do you want to get more fans, get more leads, get new customers? All these are specific goals you need to think about before you embark on a Facebook campaign.


Are You Targeting the Right People?

You need to establish a demographic and Facebook can help you with that since they have demographic details about your audience. Facebook gives you data and targeting capabilities so you don’t have to guess at targeting a segment. Some of the key questions marketers ask and Facebook provides are: What age is your target audience?, What is their education level?, What gender are they?, What’s their occupation?, What is their geographic location? So you can segment the market to reach the people that you are interested in. Once you have a target audience, you can start promoting content based on your target.


Build Relationships Once They Become Fans

By using customized communication, you can nurture leads on Facebook and get your fans to trust you. Frequency in communication is also expected by your fans and you should deliver this. Make sure you recognize your customers’ wants and needs and provide them with solutions to their problems. You can get an insight in their behavior by looking at your Website analytics and figuring out their browsing history, clicks, downloads, pages visited, etc.


Post Content that Will Get You Fans

So you don’t know what to post? The main idea is to engage with your users and have content that is useful, educational and fun. You could run contests, polls, post new product or service information, post events you want them to register to, post links to your blog, industry news and much more. But, don’t advertise too much or post gimmicky content. People will notice and unfollow you quickly.


Facebook can be a great lead generating source. But the key is to have goals and a plan of action before launching a new campaign. You also have to use reliable market analytics to see what’s working and what’s not. And don’t be surprised if you have to shift your strategy a little after consulting your analytics. Make your Facebook page engaging and vary the content so your fans want to be a part of your community without getting bored.

If you think it’s time for your company to get more involved with Social Media, get in touch with Hadfield Communications at We’ll be glad to analyze your current Social Media efforts and give you feed back on how to improve on what you already have.

Master Facebook Marketing in 10 Days

It’s the question every business owner asks: How do I build a greater following on Facebook? In 10 days you can boost your Facebook interactions and brand recognition by acquiring fans and customers that will spend money on your product as a result of your social marketing efforts.

A very useful resource I found to achieve this goal is outlined in the publication by Hubspot, How to Master Facebook Marketing in 10 Days. Here, Andrea Vahl, Social Media Coach, Strategist and Speaker reveals 10 steps to follow that will get you better results on Facebook. Some are a little more challenging to apply than others, but nevertheless, it’s a good source of useful information. Here is a synopsis of the 10 steps, which she outlines in detail on her guide.

1) Watch and Learn – Spend some time exploring other Pages on Facebook. Do some searching to find complementary businesses as well as competitors that you can learn from. Look at the Facebook pages of the big brands you admire to get some insight.

2) Understand Facebook Best Practices – There are some Facebook “rules of thumb” you should be aware of. While there aren’t any hard and fast rules in social media, there are some general “best practices” that you can start with as a base. Ultimately you will have to carve your own way with what works with your audience and what they need from you.

3) Learn the Lingo – Clearly, you should speak the language if you’re going to be more engaged.

4) Add to Your Page – Your Page should give potential Fans a clear picture on what your business is about and you should keep it up to date.

5) Create a Content Calendar – Spend time planning your editorial calendar, deciding what content you will post and when. One of the biggest challenges business owners can face is “What should I post?” An editorial calendar gives you a road map you can turn to without having to start with a blank page trying to figure out what you want to communicate to your customers.

6) Understand the Art of Engagement – The more often you (or your customers) comment, click, like, and tag content, the more likely your content will display in their news feeds.

7) Put on a Show – Spend some time brainstorming and planning the types of events you can host on Facebook. This step is a little more intricate, but if done right, it will yield results.

8) Put on a Contest – Put on a contest which requires entrants to get creative. It requires they get engaged and that engagement drives relevance which is something Facebook and Facebook relationships thrive on.

9) Run a Targeted ad Campaign – For this you’re going to have to have a specific target audience and design a campaign specifically for them.

10) Review your analytics to see where you need to tweak your strategy. Facebook offers an analytics page called Insight where you can get the results which represent the counts of people who have viewed or interacted with your page and much more information.

As always, these are just suggestions and you should not be afraid to try new things not mentioned here. After reading this ebook, you should have a solid foundation to start using Facebook for business. Remember that Facebook is constantly changing, adding features, and growing the community, so stay active and informed.

If you think it’s time for your company to get started with more aggressive Facebook marketing, get in touch with Hadfield Communications at We’ll be glad to analyze your current efforts and give you feed back on how to make your Facebook Page more visible.

Does Your Business Need to be on Facebook?

Does Your Company Need tobe on Facebook

If someone likes your page, their friends will see the post and they’ll get exposed to your brand.

It seems that every company (small or large) has rushed to be on Facebook without considering many factors that need to be considered before starting a Facebook presence. The last thing you want to do is put up a Facebook page and not have fresh content to keep your page vibrant and people interested. Below are a few things you should consider before you begin.

Time is a big factor. Are you willing to invest the time it takes to make your page a destination to engage people? Are you going to constantly be able to add value and keep your page current to entice new visitors constantly? Ask yourself if you have the time to make that commitment. If you don’t, your efforts will backfire and your Facebook page will be stagnant.

Do you have a plan? You need to come up with a plan for posting engaging material to create a buzz around your page. Really think about how you can create value for your customers and map out a strategy that will work for your company. Think of your target audience and create content that will be useful to them.

One good thing about a well thought out Like Page on Facebook is that any interactions will make it into the newsfeed of those that like your page. Your posts will be seen by friends of those that Like your page, expanding your exposure. That means that their friends will see them interacting with your brand and the more interaction you get, the more your name will get out.

Another great thing about Facebook is that it will give you free exposure. You will be able to connect with people you would have not connected with if it weren’t for your Facebook page. Every good impression made on Facebook is a potential person that will Like your page and their friends will see it, and so on.

Long term, one of the most important reasons why your business should have a Facebook page is because you want to expand your network of followers and you’ll want to provide them with useful information about your business. Those new followers will eventually become an important source for future earning potential. They will also become advocates for your business if you provide them with a valuable experience. Just make certain that before you start, you have the time and the plan in place to make your company successful on Facebook.

If you think it’s time for your company to get a Like Page on Facebook, get in touch with Hadfield Communications at We’ll be glad to analyze your current social media efforts and give you feed back on how to make it work for your company.

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